Our History

Integrated Machinery Solutions (IMS) was established in July 2009 as an engineering consulting firm and custom machinery builder focused primarily on the material handling industry. The focus during the remainder of 2009 was the establishment of company infrastructure and the sale of engineering consulting services. In January 2010, IMS leased a building in Blue Mound, TX and began to purchase manufacturing equipment. The first few years of operation at the Blue Mound facility focused on contract manufacturing, engineering consulting, product design, and product manufacturing for the hoist and crane industry. Between 2010 and 2015, IMS continued to grow by adding leased manufacturing space, machinery, and a skilled and talented workforce. By 2014, IMS had outgrown its existing building in Blue Mound and began construction on a new facility in Azle, TX. The new building in Azle was completed in 2015 and all operations were moved. As of today, IMS continues to serve its customers in the material handling industry through product design, product manufacturing, engineering services, and contract manufacturing.


When a person walks through the IMS facility or sees one of our products in service, they may notice that the phrase Team-IMS appears quite often and usually in prominent locations. Even the IMS website contains the Team-IMS phrase. This phrase is an important part of the IMS cultural belief in the value of teamwork and trust. Like any team, IMS relies on all members to play an active role in the success of the company. All those at IMS are proud of our collective accomplishments.

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IMS Purpose

To provide value for our customers through engineering and manufacturing excellence.

IMS Vision

To become the model of a successful engineering and manufacturing firm operating in the United States that embraces the concept of Lean business systems.

IMS Mission

Our mission is to meet the engineering and equipment needs of our customers through: innovative product and process development; a commitment to safe products and solutions; and a focus on quality, cost, and delivery. Through Lean processes, we are creating a company that is a collection of industry experts in our respective fields using advanced technologies and techniques throughout the organization. We foster innovation, teamwork, and leadership that embraces the principles of the Lean Business System to deliver the best products to our customers.

Our Facility

In 2015, IMS built their new facility with over 75,000 square foot dedicated to manufacturing, fabrication, and assembly. The manufacturing space is divided into three distinct areas:

  • Fabrication and Assembly

  • Machine Shop

  • Gear Manufacturing and Assembly

The fabrication and assembly bay is 70’ x 400’ with 120 ton crane capacity and 31’ maximum hook lift. Most heavy fabrication and assembly takes place in this bay.

The machine shop bay is 60’ x 400’ with 20 ton crane capacity with 31’ maximum hook lift. Almost all of the manufacturing equipment is located on the machine shop side, including a number of CNC mills and lathes.

The gear manufacturing and assembly shop is located in a 40’ x 100’ area of the building. Gear assembly is in a 50’ x 135’ area of the building with 20 ton crane capacity and 18’ 6” maximum hook lift. All gear cutting, inspection, and assembly is completed in the gear shop area.

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Core Competen­cies

Expertise of the company associates - there are a number of key areas where the company associates are seen as experts in a certain field. These include:

  • Engineering (Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical)

  • Sales from an understanding of the equipment and applications

  • Production (Top Quality, Advanced Techniques, Lean Production)

Product expertise (this is related to all aspects of the business)

  • Cranes

  • Hoists

  • End Trucks

  • Gearing

  • Transfer Cars

  • Heavy Industrial Machinery

The company culture is focused on:

  • Team environment (through Lean techniques)

  • Respect of individuals

  • Commitment to the principles of the business

  • Fairness and honesty

  • Expecting the best from everyone while providing the tools to allow them to meet the expectations

These are all ingrained in our culture through:

  • Employee training and educational programs

  • Explicit attention to values and ethics in recruiting and hiring

  • Regular communication with all associates and explanation of compliance procedures

  • Management involvement and oversight

  • A company-wide commitment to the principles of a Lean organization

Competitive cost structure based on Lean principles

Quick delivery time based on Lean principles

High quality products based on Lean principles